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2011 07 23 / FREEDOM - BOREDOM - COWARDICE (cluster)

io to be free, you have to free yourself from freedom, from the urge to be free

that's gained by
the methodique of optimal reversity, of 180, methodique of opposition

that's what the Killing the Buddha means in buddhism

>>> X <<<
<<< O >>>

so if those both stand opposing each other, what is the BOREDOM then ?

BOREDOM is a situation similiar to freedom but different to it on the side (part) of the situation

in the situation of freedom the moving quicker party is the social, the moving slower the own
in the situation of boredom it's a reverse thing
in the situation of boredom the moving quicker party is the own, the moving slower the social

that's the optimum of boredom
there are also cases of lesser boredom,
which occure when the own is artificially kept within a bubble of a slow social
which occures often by lack of imagination & often precisely by cowardice,
thus elevated courage removes boredom [sic ! logical test]

the classic boredom, ENUI depends on intelligence
the more intelligent the own relating to a lesser intelligent social, the more & the quicker boredom appears,
cause the only solution would be to relate to more intelligent people
this can show as a problem, if there aren't any more intelligent people in the surroundings or if the own is emotionally strongly related to its relatives
then the pressure occurs, the own comes back to the too narrow space of intelligence based in freedom, it is not driven to
but neverthess boredom will appear, cause it is based in the own THINKING SPEED


furthermore :

cowardice is related to paternalism
negative paternalistic organized people are cowards by social
courage appears, when autonomy, a self reliance is being built up by the own

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