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02 april 2011
INTERIM schraffieren
in most cases after the initial idea, when you are clung into the flow,
you encounter an overflow of thoughts, they'll flush you away
& what you'll be left off is a bunch of useless, uncoordinated blurr

so how to do it better :

you have to order them by naming them

in the end their names have to be the right ones,
but in that initial phase you do not know those names,
would you know it, then you wouldn't do what you do - creation
but function & performance
& we are talking here about creation of something which never was before you stepped into it
that's what people name : creation

after that first order you have to use those names
& if you work passionately, you will sense disharmonies & harmonies of those names
harmonious names are the right one, at least for now, that can change every minute
disharmonious names have to be changed to better ones
but that's not an easy task, because
sometimes the solutions turn out as less right than the initial problems

that's the method of scratching [ schraffieren, sgraffire ]

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