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2011 07 20 / BOREDOM / ENUI

2011 07 23 / B
cowards don't get bored, cause they are too busy being caught in fear, being cornered in fear
cause fear is angst & angst is etymologically related to ger. ecke (corner)

cowards can be just/mainly reluctant or they can be overtly reluctant
it's a difference of tendency & therefore solution
cause it's about freedom

freedom is the basis for cowardice & therefore boredom

mainly reluctant cowards are not free enough
overtly reluctant cowards are overtly free >>> see FREEDOM for solution

2011 07 12 / B
banal =/= boring
boring is -own flow- quicker than -social flow-, banal is -own flow- judged by other flows, measured by foreign flows
^^^ [ judgements / measurement ]

2011 07 20 / B [TEXT]
don't know if boredom is really a principle, but i don't know either where to put it
i would put boredom into the FRINGE&FRAGMENTS section but it is more than just that
i suppose boredom is a sort of a principle, but i don't know its right name yet
boredom is its second name first

here's a selection of some interesting discussions with some content about boredom :
Boredom: Ennui / Forums: Philosophy

spendius writes here :
You don't help the less privileged to relieve your boredom.
We are more civilised than that on here.
I thought for a long time that the root cause was taking oneself too seriously
and having a contempt for lesser mortals but nowadays
I have realised that my flippancy was not only misplaced but arrogant.
he suggests to read :
Mario Praz "The Romantic Agony" & Gustave Flaubert "Spendius"

Eorl writes :
I think anyone who could get bored with such a short life just lacks imagination.
though there is one sort of boredom, which is caused by lack of imagination,
the boredom i 'm talking here about is rather caused after the -been there done that- & still not as an arogant reproach but as feedback about the real ongoings
just because not everyone is reliving it, means not that it is not real or shouldn't be taken seriously
& i of course won't discuss here depression as an alleged basis for boredom,
those who plead for depression are avoiding to face boredom, it's far easier to deal with depression than with boredom
i know it, cause -been there, done that-
& no, fear sits also not at the base of boredom, fearful people don't get bored, because they are too busy to deal with fear
exactly the opposite is fact, people get bored because they have guts, cause they dare & nevertheless they don't reach what they long for

probably has boredom to do with the long "time", the speed of a bored person is opposite of a stressed person
people in stress are all but bored
but people who aren't easily to get stressed get often easily bored
bored people move quicker than their surroundings
as stressed people become rushed because they move slower than their surroundings

so i think boredom corelates with IMPATIENCE & maybe fear of missing out / FOMO, so GREED

maybe a little of frustration is there, but not depression
frustration is something that occures, when the things reveal themselves as more complicated or difficult as they appeared at first

in my experience boredom can be lifted a little by rising the own current level of courage, to dare in the face of boredom more than one usually would dare
so it's not about fear, but more about comfort, the comfort zone
one can diffuse some cases of boredom with a boost of courage
but not any form & not any time

another two simple helps for boredom is chores & sleep
i usually start doing chores when i come into a boredom mood
for me it helps a lot to disperse boredom to do things the simplest, shortest & straightest way & forget all the fancy stuff
i get very easily bored by very elaborate stuff & thus i get very easily bored by myself
ha! am i not a bore? sigh ...

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