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2011 07 14 / FREEDOM & the freedom clusters

2011 07 23 / B
io. to lead you have to be able to follow,
io to follow you have to be able to lead


io to be free, you have to free yourself from freedom, from the urge to be free

that's gained by
the methodic of optimal reversity, of 180° / methodique of opposition

that's what the Killing the Buddha means in buddhism

the freedom clusters :
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

2011 04 28 / B
if you cannot follow rules, don't break them,
if you cannot break rules, don't follow them,
that's freedom in a nutshell

2011 08 02 / B
freedom is far more complex than multiple choice, many people don't know the difference, in fact engineers use both in exchange

2011 07 31 / B
everything not in the own tempo causes health threatening stress - tempo / pace / sequence / serial change - it disrupts own life pattern
thus change is causing stress, but not to change causes degeneration, which in itself is also change,
change is the pattern of existence [statement, explanation to act needed, also the -why-]
change is the pattern of existence cause stability is an idea based on too slow, inexact, detouched observation,
repeat contains a margin of error, that's the margin of freedom to deviate,
margin of error/freedom/tendency is the adaption to action appearing in a space filled with not just one, the own but several universes
certainty is the idea of escape/exit out of correctly instable appearances within a multiversal space,
ideas too carry a margin of error
creation works, this or other way,
this way is mainly benevolent & cooperative, the other way is mainly violent & desruptive
the margin of error is a signal zone of the change between this & the other way
this way supports the past, the other way supports future
none of those ways is the better one per se, one has to know when the one or the other is adequate
every thing is potentially poisonous, that's a fact

2011 07 27 / B
3. history of the idea of freedom

source : etymonline / 2011 08 10
~1200 Free will
~1390 Of nations, "not subject to foreign rule or to despotism"
~1500 Free speech in Britain used of a privilege in Parliament since the time of Henry VIII.
~1580 Sense of "given without cost" from notion of "free of cost."
~1690 Free and easy "unrestrained"
1822 Free love "sexual liberation"
1823 free trade
1836 In U.S., as a civil right, it became a prominent phrase in the debates over the Gag Rule.
1850 Free lunch, originally offered in bars to draw in business, Amer.Eng.
1850 Free pass on railways, etc.
1890 Free enterprise
1899 Free association in psychology
1950 Free world "non-communist nations"
1960 Free range (adj.)
from O.Fr. liberté "freedom,"
from L. libertatem (nom. libertas) "freedom, condition of a freeman," from liber "free" (see liberal)
~1450 Sense of "privileges" led to sense of "a person's private land"
~1620 To take liberties "go beyond the bounds of propriety"

yielded sense in England and America of
"a district within a county but having its own justice of the peace,"
and also "a district adjacent to a city and in some degree under its municipal jurisdiction"
(e.g. Northern Liberties of Philadelphia).
1758 Nautical sense of "leave of absence"
1944 The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure it is right. [Learned Hand]
"one who holds the doctrine of free will" (opposed to necessitarian),
from liberty (q.v.) on model of unitarian, etc.
1878 Political sense of "person advocating liberty in thought and conduct".
1971 U.S. Libertarian Party founded in Colorado.

2011 07 26 / B
again, equal what the situation is,
you can see yourself as victim or you can enable yourself to chose to do things different,
that's change
i know that's hard, if it isn't then you don't change really,
real change is really painful to perform, virtual & often physiologic pain
& there are dangers, the dangers of illusionary change,
just & only change based on inner freedom is healthy
chosing responsibility usually doesn't feel empowering cause we link responsibility to guilt,
but that's the only way to inner freedom
there are of course also those, who link responsibility to power over others,
it's just diversion from the lack of power within oneself
for humans now is illusionary change the most dangerous, cause illusionary change is same painful as real change,
to endure the pain of real change is reasonable, to endure pains of illusionary change leads nowhere than to a perpetual circle
illusionary change is what drugs cause,
addiction is the perpetual hope for an end or for perpetual pleasure,
with any sort of drugs there is no end besides of death & before the death appears, the life has been wasted*
everyone should have the right to waste the own life, that's freedom even if it seems idiotic,
but not to know an alternative to a wasted life it's not freedom but despair

inner freedom is won through the 180° methodic

*life is wasted on drugs/addiction, because
drugs offer a quick & promissing short term pleasure, short term solution, alleviation of pain, sorrows, problems
but in the long run, we lose years, decades, entire lives over addiction to drugs
through thinking & orientating our lives just around the next corner we miss what we could achieve
by dismissing short terms pleasures & concentrating on goals requiring longer periods of focus
nevertheless, it's not the main goal or the most important goal to achieve complicated long term projects
but one should be able to do so too, cause some of the most important & rewarding projects are such bigger tasks

2011 07 25 / B
reducing waste by any means up to 99% + 1% of freedom/chaos
- currently we are at 50% waste = 50% chaos

2011 08 10 / B / website written (weblog)
we do not operate within a realm/space, which we have won by being able to create it & thus being free to be responsible for it
with ABILITY comes RESPONSIBILITY, because ability means FREEDOM
waste & chaos result from creation out of ginnungagap or transstructuration of smthng, which both work just by being able to do so
waste & chaos are two sides of the same matter, the same matter handled from two oppositional perspectives
waste is smthng left unused & thus invite others to care for, those who will come may be benevolent, but they mustn't
chaos is smthng, which is the primary soup of everything, which comes before existence & thus is linked directly with freedom,
chaos can be transformed just by freedom into existence, based just on freedom

mostly we just don't realise how powerful we already are,
we think we are still very dependend & that thinking creates constellations, in which we indeed are just dependend & thus helpless
or we dismiss being responsible for the results of our power

i know that it's correct being responsible if one has the power
but it's not a question of morale or ethics, it's a question of lost opportunities
responsibility is what guarantees acknowledgment & the right to reign upon others, the right of leadership
the gain is an intern ability to reign correctly, to know which works & which not in advance, it's a source of self multiplicating power,
the spiral is upgrading, climbing, increasing, ascending, spreading, enlarging, gaining

violence is the half way of both
no responsibility, but the taking of leadership
then violence is usurpatory power
but what does it mean at all ?
it's a screwed way to deal with power, it's simple disfunctioning as the attempt to divide a magnet,
the result is a very strenous stressful life & not a good one, one needs drugs to endure it,
the spiral is downgrading, falling, decreasing, decending, falting, smallifying, loosing

in a world, which's rewarding easiest the violent & the paternalistic leaders, may they be gross or subtle violent, violence stays violence
the ways of right are not being rewarded at first but in the end they must anyway, right is right

plain, simple [fr.simple/sampl-example]
undisturbed, unwrinkled, singular, free in decisions, unbothered, independend
unclashing, unhindered, undisturbed, unmixed, in the own speed, sequence, pace
free from violence, unviolent - unpeaceful, free from peace - but rightful



2011 07 17 / B
i usually don't let things stay unasked,
would i do it, then it would be garbage in my mind,
i don't like to rot from the inside out
different formulations same sense, the many appearances of the same principle, therefore : principle = sense | a pretty good explanation
you could ask :
if you dislike to rot from the inside out,
do you like to rot from the outside in ?
here my friend, i would answer, lies the freedom of the other, of the differently thinking -
we have the right to destine ourselves, but
we have not the right to destine others, as
we have not the right to be destined by others
at this point you should ask :
why have we not the right to be destined by others ? not the right to allow others to destine us ?
- ... - Susumu Hirasawa - Kikyu No Mon from Millenium Actress | via @youtube
yes, it is a very complicated matter,
i don't talk here about indignados, indignation,
indignation is nothing but approval of paternalism by the act of rejection, rebellion,
you should be aware of that
so, why have we not the right to allow others to destine us ?
here splits the way between me & the world,
i have not this right because of the ways of the other, not because of my own way,
it has to do with mysef beyond myself, which is clear
additional, the more powerful & influential i am, the more responsibility i have to tackle,
it's really a very dificil matter / continue
[elaboration of FREEDOM matters]

2011 07 16 / B
freedom is the only answer to the being driven danger, to that serious threat

2011 07 15 / B
just because we think, smthng we do is not important
does it mean that it is actually, actually measured by our reality
it's a mind map problem, the dubious(cloudy) part of it is,
that we judge rejecting, dismissing(dimming)
we do not encounter, not relate, not engage,
we reject & that opposition, may it be violent or silent
has to be taken suspicious
because we judge in favor to our current tendency & thus
the tendency judges not the we, the journey judges, not the traveller
ok, the traveller can decide to follow the way, but that's again along my experience real tricky,
freedom of decision has to be approved
by the performed ability to change,
nothing else,
especially not the mere meaning of being able to change can lift that duty
& every day is a new opportunity to prove it or to fold

it's pretty simple, being correct, heading for correctness is being couraged,
there is no goal, which is not reached by oneself & to reach for a goal it takes courage,
that's the simplicity of it - courage of responsibility from the beginning on until the goal is reached,
the exacter the project the easier to miss, but that's already about ability, not the courage
sideline :
not to decide is a possibility not to miss, but sounds like a fraud - what could be the constructivity in it :
ok, work spared, less energy +/-, not really the big gainer,
freedom of bias, that could be, but one has to master it finite & move on,
so one has -to decide- after one is -free not to decide-
still the same - FREEDOM

2011 07 06 / B
vipassana meditation
trains to disconnect Pavlov's reflex from stimulus,
it means not the absence of feedback response, but no reAction
the absence of feedback response creates stupidity, dumbness & irresponsibility,
the tendency towards inability to respond, numbness
different to that is
the ability of feedback but the willful direction of the own action, what i call
to have oneself in the own hand
that's what Nietzsche & Aleister Crowley are about

2011 07 03 / B
Rosa Luxemburg : the freedom is the freedom of those thinking differently

2011 07 02 / B
5. currently the PASSIVE TV CONSUMPTION is moving from material world into the virtual web
would it be a battle, then we would be losing it, but it doesn't feel like it when you haven't grown feeler for it yet
can the own battles & the own war be won, although the social battles & war are lost, i think, yes, because of the freedom at the base
it's the stress caused by sellers, the pressure built, the artificial smallification of the decision room APPROVED by the targets
i never imagined (& of couse no one's gonna tell) that the APPROVAL is more powerful than the SEDUCTION, on the other hand
look it up, not that you are seduced by whomever, the devil eg but that you give in makes crossing the line, often there's no going back
your own approval makes the deal, but of course you can always wheel the resposibility to the seducer |

2011 06 26 / B
freedom is base of existence, without freedom there's nothing
- netineti / Wikipedia : - think about for awhile

2011 06 24 / B
the basis for my work is the freedom of the other, the free choice of the other,
be it the free choice to hope, even to perish unknowing it

2011 06 14 / B
people have fun with money, money is like time, a social activity,
money is materialized, time is just mind mapped, money is an exchange, translation of one activity & it's results into another activity
people have difficulties with the RATIO, the translation between 2 such activities, which are within one ongoing exchange,
there is dictating money & following money, the dictating money's the denominator of money, the following money's the numerator of money
potentially any money can be denominator, people who's money isn't the denominator are not so happy about,
the results are that they have to follow other denominators, then the value of their money is usually lower than the ration of 1,
as far everything else in their surroundings' also, there's no problem, but that ratio keeps them just within their surroundings under 1
so why have people fun with money, cause people like to exchange, to translate, cause they learn smthng new, the alternatives
alternatives are good for people, they ensure freedom, liberty - that's an aspect of money very simple & of course unfulfilled explained
& that's also why any sort of MONOPOLY is a threat to freedom, liberty, because of lack of alternatives, lack of excape
it's better to have a very crappy sort of alternative to a monopoly than JUST ONE BUT ONLY greatest monopoly ever
additional : alternatives make people think about better ways, monopolies tend to make people dumb, it's about qualities of mind maps
if there's one alternative, there can be more, if there's just one & only monopoly, there is nothing else, there is nothing but what is
it's a psychological barrier between the one TAO & the 2 of heaven & earth & the myriad things of the world,
the world has plenty of alternatives, we all are the alternatives of one Tao

2011 06 10 / B
there is plenty of room for creation right before the eyes of violent oppressors,
when freedom is understood as just illusionary phantasy
illusionary phantasy was, is & probably still will be for a while
the best hiding place for those who cannot afford even to hide
closed doors invite to break in

you have to be able to delegate,
just before you're doing it on your own,
that's freedom of survival

freedom happens not based on diversity but on organs producing survival,
diversity's producing confusion & hope of being saved

2011 06 03 / B
rechecking the purity :
what is the purpose, the aim of your special, unique movement, match the possible causes,
the only correct remaining cause has to be your senseless will
- the base is absolute freedom, the addition is your quality

2011 06 01 / B
gain is to get not big & fat beyond any usefulness but
gain is to stay able to function without friction & delay & producing exact the projected outcome no matter the circumstances
that's also what distinguishes freedom from drug addiction

2011 05 30 / B
a wide spread field of important points is a future field, it's not a present field
but steps undertaken in the present, which do not contain alternative actions but dangers of failure
block freedom of the future by the load of duty from the past,
there is no such future & no such present, which would be worth living - that's what iMatter is about & that's what Greenpeace is about
those are not the only points of that very problem, it's about Palestina, about Spain, about youth unemployment & even about Arab Spring
in the earlier centuries people made war at such points, Arab Spring & Palestina are still on that old brink,
but already Spain in not about war & Greenpeace is surely not about war, as the Berlin Wall was not about war & iMatter isn't
it's simply about a better future & not just the return to a fine working past

2011 04 28 / B
if you cannot follow rules, don't break them,
if you cannot break rules, don't follow them,
that's freedom in a nutshell

2011 04 25 / B
violence & freedom, the two points, the two coin sides, both of the same quality, the same valency
- valance/violence - wolnos'c'/volatility

2011 04 09 / B
you cannot save someone, who's not fighting for his rescue
as you cannot free someone, who's not sensing his slavery

2011 04 02 / B
i of course won't stop people to do, what they want, even if i know that what they want is not what they really need, i won't because ...
... the freedom is of a basic value, that value's understood by those, who know the difference between violence & order, tyranny & democracy

2011 03 22 / B
because while doing less we gain empty space
empty space means freedom, but not choice - to have choices one has to have measurements
- suggestions is a haystack, but where's the needle

2011 03 11 / B

alles mitmachen, alles nutzen, was einem zur verfügung / verführung gestellt wird

ab einer bestimmten menge kippt der nutzen der freiheit hin zu einer last

dies ist die stunde der befreiung von der freiheit
ohne den verzicht auf die freiheit
dies ist die freiheit als ein instrument zu nehmen
& nicht mehr als die absolute erlösung
- - -
you, who are placing yourself into a cell & you, who place someone else into a cell
those are the two guilts
the guilt of a victim & the guilt of a vilain
those are not to be measured equal
the victim has the right to victimize himself
the vilain has first to discover himself as a victim
- io to master that, he has to stop to victimize others
there is no real victimization of others
there's just the tryout to shake off the own victimization
by the victimization of others there's just the prolongation of the own victimization
but what to do with the own victimization :
why is one victimizing onself :
my known best thesis regarding :
one victimizes onseself io to learn freedom
there's no freedom, where there's no need for freedom

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