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2011 08 04 / FREEDOM - ADDICTION / DRUGS (cluster)

2011 08 04 / B
drug production ... roots in emotional detachment

2011 08 02 / B
... & i think, that what we are all about drugs is
the faint & disabled, culturally low developed form of tryout to develop the own style ...


2011 07 28 / B
CULTURE is the only civil & peaceful answer to unemployment
within a basically satiated society, besides of DRUGS of course
how does culture initiate ? per education ?


2011 07 26 / B
again, equal what the situation is,
you can see yourself as victim or you can enable yourself to chose to do things different,
that's change
i know that's hard, if it isn't then you don't change really,
real change is really painful to perform, virtual & often physiologic pain
& there are dangers, the dangers of illusionary change,
just & only change based on inner freedom is healthy
chosing responsibility usually doesn't feel empowering cause we link responsibility to guilt,
but that's the only way to inner freedom
there are of course also those, who link responsibility to power over others,
it's just diversion from the lack of power within oneself
for humans now is illusionary change the most dangerous, cause illusionary change is same painful as real change,
to endure the pain of real change is reasonable, to endure pains of illusionary change leads nowhere than to a perpetual circle
illusionary change is what drugs cause,
addiction is the perpetual hope for an end or for perpetual pleasure,
with any sort of drugs there is no end besides of death & before the death appears, the life has been wasted
everyone should have the right to waste the own life, that's freedom even if it seems idiotic,
but not to know an alternative to a wasted life it's not freedom but despair


2011 07 25 / B
Matt Halloran, coach
Happiness is that state of consciousness
which proceeds from the achievement of one's values.
Ayn Rand

comment :
that's success, not happiness
it's equal how beautiful, noble, strange we define happiness,
if it is not unconditional, it will fade or become addiction

2011 07 21 / B
3. the WRONG WORD, the problem of the KEY, the problem of the WRONG NAME,
is one misleading appearance along the -problem - goal- line :
for the orientation in the mind map space :

GOAL lies ahead >>>,
PROBLEMS lie backwards <<<,
WRONG WORDS lie sidewards /// \\\ ~ ^^^ vvv

so same as with orientation along problems when pursuing goals must fail,
so must also to pursue WRONG NAMED GOALS

a depicted version of that situation is the barking up the wrong tree,
a very challenging version is described in the Alice in Wonderland story,
where Alice is faced with the problem of the key, the door & her own dimension,
but the best story is the story of Alibaba & the Forthy Thieves,
but the clue of it lies here in the KEY to the cave of the thieves, which's sealed by "magic"
the key to that cave is the right name of the cave, it's nothing but a PASSWORD,
it's nothing else than the goal, which must be addressed correctly & all this works that way,
cause (i am bold here!) cause
the goal is living thing itself, which is as we all are, when we are healthy, keen to be respected, means addressed by our correct name

& here we are then at the core, the center of the problem with drugs,
drugs work cause they cause some movement within us,
but that's because of our screwed mind map, illusions, not because of our reality
drugs cause problems cause they address the wrong goal with little reward but mostly major destruction,
the best reward in drugs is the opportunity to break rules, but that can be managed really without drugs too

what the CLUE, the KEY to that WRONG or RIGHT NAME of a goal is, is the question, which has to be asked :
is the goal i am pursuing the reality, which i like to happen in my future
or results my pursuit from my illusions about those matters
thus i don't believe, don't trust & surely don't hope, but that's the other story about paternalism

2011 07 08 / B
tendency-violence-demand-drugs (connecting the dots)

2011 07 05 / B
people in a culture living as there is no tomorrow
are living in a culture not appreciating self responsibility [price],
it can be done
based on dispair [Kierkegaard][education],
based on error [drugs] or
based on belief to be saved [negative paternalism]


2011 06 30 / B
word of the day : accumulative
cumulative - cumulus clouds
- additive - (addiction) -
amassing - mass market - mass - (measure) -
gathering - get - (free space for stuff)

2011 06 28 / B
exhibitionism vs hiding behind screaming openness, outer openness ! aha!

OUTER openness (or whatever) is the MATERIAL,
but the CALL, the DEMAND is an INTERN one, it's MIND MAP - that's the basis for the DRUG
thus DRUG can be about a MIX UP OF LEVELS OF REALITY, planes of reality,
the material (outern) with the virtual, the intern

Marx has spoken against religions as the producers of social drugs,
today we don't need religion for that,
we buy it, ask for it, sign up to get it,
& no, it's not about those who sell drugs,
but about those who ask for them,
it's the other side of paternalism,
not the paternalism acting as the seller
but the paternalism acting as the buyer, drugs' customer

i am 100% sure non of you understands it,
the followup of understanding those implications goes beyond revolution, it's a change, a leap

what is needs not to be hidden, it can lie open & hide
because we search where hidden things can be, we miss where things actually are

2011 06 27 / B
there is a grave difference between HOPE & UNDERSTANDING,
with hope we source the RESPONSIBILITY so neatly out, that it is NEVER OURS
outsourced responsibility feels,
like's with any drug, at first great,
we feel light, enlightened, we delegate the burden,
it's energizing, we feel inspired even maybe,
with UNDERSTANDING it's very different, it needs unglamourous gray diligent patient work
to be in the process to understand is to realize, it feels at first when we come out of our habitual daily life diminishing, suffocating

we face that way the fleeting demons & the demons get scared but they haven't lost yet, they try to get us into a fight against them
when we start to fight against them, we have already lost, cause to fight, especially against is the core value of hidden approval
the only way to win i know of is not to care for the ways of opponents without being uncautious, to focus on the goals, to have goals

to be successful without recognizing within which quality of space one's operating is knowing nothing & be unable to repeat,
within the drugs space, there is just violent repeat, repetition of violence, repetition of drugs, drug space was then successful, won

the drugs are recognized as salvation, the purity of action as lacking, lacking the drug part

VIOLENCE is a particular sort of DRUG, different to others,
it's caused by the lack of active nearness leading to an overreaction in materia

2011 08 15 / D / website written (weblog)
per outsourcing our responsibility we increase our momentary energy flow level
we do so by cutting back the energy needed to stay in touch with our independent power
it's a quick win, which if not observed more closely & if unreflected appears rather reasonable than anything dangerous
but outsourced responsibility is practiced negative paternalism,
we source this way out our power & might to act, we gain some energy which is usually bound within the responsibility constellation
we gain the energy which connects us intern with ourselves & extern with the world

by outsourcing of responsibility we disconnetc with the world, with reality,
we loose our correct estimation of what's going on,
by disconnection with ourselves we loose the feedback to be alive

when we do so, we see usually just the gain of the previously stored energy,
we don't see the production of our might kept in existence with this energy within the function of connection via responsibility
usually through responsibility we enable us to make correct decisions,
by disconnecting we start to judge based on our illusions & not reality anymore,
but if we are also disconnected with ourselves, then we have outsourced also every intern feedback about the incorrectedness within the ongoing process & its dangers to us, the result is that we not only not recognize what's going on, but also not recognize that we arent recognizing anything going on & so we think by ourselves that everything's just fine
such a process can be illustrated by a surveillance camera, which is installed to observe the surveillance cameras, which watch over a designated terrain
when someone's disconnecting the cameras watching the terrain, we can still get a feedback about it through the cameras watching camera, but when we cut the power of that camera, the other cameras can play an illusionary film about how normal & fine the situation is, while the house is getting looted

we cut the responsibility usually at first io to make financial gain
but there is no win within money if that money is the sole goal
money is just an instrument like knives, needles, cars, the instruments only reasonable use is to apply them io to create, generate smthng other with them
stored instruments are the most useless contents of life ever
in the second place after we made financial gain, we realise that we have not enough power to change things, to create, generate things, that we are dependend
after that realisation, so we start to cut responsibility io to gain power
after what i wrote here before it is against any reason to strive for power by cutting power back, but of course this process isn't seen as a coherent process if one's acting within it
& of course since gaining power by cutting responsibility is just making things worse & not working, the process is potentially unfolding & increasing endlessly
but will be ended by a dramatic loss of power or the death of the participant

multifacetted stuff

2011 06 21 / B
i like the idea to name those 2 sorts of people :
the Tian/Heaven people ? (conscience) & the Mu people (mu wu tu)(Mother/Ground/Earth) (overly addiction)

2011 06 17 / B
steadiness, regularity of availability is more crucial than its
easiness, attainability & even possibility, crucial in long term approach
that's how demand is working,
the dreams of the impossible, which bother us again & again
& that's how stability of life is learned, by doing it again & again,
until the point of ability is crossed, at which we are quicker than the task, when we are wired in the most effective way to succeed
at that point either boredom strikes, when it's not the task of our life or the pleasure to be in the right place doing the right thing

drugs give us the illusion of that pleasure, which is easy attained & quick vaporised,
drugs don't help us to do, they seduce to be done
drugs & learning have much in common, they're both unsatisfactory in the outcome,
but learning leads to success, drugs keep just in loop
drugs seduce, appearing as the easier way to success than learning,
but with drugs we turn just along the evil circle that's an illusion of movement,
the dangerous with drugs is, that we don't realize the dead end while we're doing it,
the dead end of drugs is their beginning again & again
& thus by realizing that we are just moving but not advancing towards our goals we can leave the evil circle
- heavy stuff


2011 06 12 / B
Q :
how to move people to estimate my value |
A :
to know what they need, to bind their need to my offer, to advertise with their need

if i am a crook (or maybe just an idiot), then i offer drugs,
if i am an intelligent honest merchant, then i offer solutions to needs

drugs keep people (as we all know) in the loop of buying, BUT
addicts buy just as long there's no real alternative,
the need for drugs disappears when the need is satiated (slight side exceptions)
solution to exceptions : to offer drugs which don't cause permanent damage, but just keep the customer in loop,
that's in the interst of the drug dealer too, to keep his customer alive & healthy

so we have to remake the market from
1st step : map the drugs |
2nd step : pinpoint the needs behind the drug |
3rd step : offer alternatives directed to needs

good news' : solutions have no side effects, drugs have,
people don't like side effects like obesity, ADD, being laught at

the own QUEST as alternative to drugs - QUESTion - on the search for values, on the research of values -
value X result -
results are the value of actions -
disparity between intention & result : the Hell is paved with good intentions
intention / mind map X vs X result / reality

HelenMacPherson Sandra Bullock
by reflectingarea
people don't realise that food is an addiction just like any other, smoking, alcohol & drugs.

"behavioral addictions/drugs"
- there's a difference between a drug & non drug,
non-drugs get you further, drugs keep you in the same loop

How many teens have Internet addiction?
Reuters via @reuters

2011 06 10 / B
& even more so,
if the customer doesn't really know what he's needing at all,
that's where the drug business jumps in,
80% of bizz is drugs

the bright side of it is,
we need right now just 20% of our current production really really badly as survival kit,
the rest is digression

2011 08 12 / B / website written (weblog)
as a replacement of drug usage we have to develop a CULTURE OF the OWN
this is a vision for the next future starting right now

2011 06 07 / B
>>> income - input X output - outcome X <<< sequence to repeat :
... income - input X output - outcome X income - input X output - outcome X income ...

it's an algorithm ok, of more interest is what's happening within the Xs :

input X output = the creativity turn
outcome X income = value of/for others

outcome X income / that can be
, which's next inevitable step

the more real & intelligent you are the more problems you'll have making money with drugs,
the catch22 still hovering & still unsolved

the most grave problem with drugs is, they ruin the base, the substance of future,
but they allure with big money made cause of them
humans sit really really deep in shit because of the CIRCLE OF DRUGS

2011 06 01 / B
gain is to get not big & fat beyond any usefulness but
gain is to stay able to function without friction & delay
& producing exact the projected outcome no matter the circumstances
that's also what distinguishes freedom from drug addiction

2011 05 25 / B
there are plenty of drugs out there to be addicted to
the more health threatening the drug the more desperate the need of a solution &
the bigger the problem, the more a core problem it is

2011 05 23 / B
it may sound cynic, but it's mere functionality,
poverty & malnurishment prevent overpopulation, that's nature's reality
material space is limited, that's the base of existence,
just the qualitative space is unfolding in variations, which we name unlimited
io to prevent overpopulation we have to change the quality,
unfolding quantity will break down under the own weight
we have to rethink, purify & change the quality of our way to live, our way to think, of our goals & our values, it's urgent
a big amount of population, its quantity was needed in ancient times & within the feudal system,
since the industrialisation the quantity of population is entertaining drugs increasingly & not human needs anymore,
thus our problems with unemployment, senselessness in life & desorientation
the old school is calling for the wisdom of LEADERS,
the new school is calling for the wisdom of CLOUDS & CROWDS,
both are illusions apart of the problem's core, based on weak hopes,
when we are unable to think at our own, then we should at least reread Max Stirner's pamphlet about old & new GODS
poverty & malnurishment are the forebodes of violence & death,
when combined with points of concentrated strenght & leisure,
that's how kings got beheaded
to bridge the gap we have to be able to solve our problems without causing more new destruction, that's quality
& if we are unable yet although we need urgently to be, then we have at least to have compassion,
compassion stalls time to get able, but its not sufficient to solve problems on its own &
compassion can cause even rage, when the waiting exceeds a lifespan,
when the hope is gone but not the expectation & not the urge

2011 05 13 / B
just because something's existent means not
that it's working the way, which's supporting your best possibilities,
existent stuff is reality, undoubtedly, but ask yourself : does that reality feels right,
if your answer is a No, then it's the wrong tree of reality you are barking up
it's still the same question :
which reality is that one, which supports me & my best interests & this' a really huge question,
because i have to ask then :
what are my best interests, do i know them really or
am i idealizing & excusing just simply those already known to me, those which are existent
& here i end again at the beginning :
the existent reality MAY BE NOT in my best interest
- to state that is at least a good beginning, but currently still a very long walk

this beginning is similiar to the beginning of the end of a drug addiction,
i have to be able to think of myself as addicted io to end it
this beginning is also similiar to the test if i am plain crazy,
if i am able to think that, that's at least the possibility, that i'm not
that's also exactly the same moment of intern guilt,
if someone accuses me of something & i jump up emotionally, he's probably plain right
the trigger is within me - the actions trigger what is inherent in me,
do i want to end it, i have first to be able to think without jumping
this emotional jumping is the beginning of any violence, but ...
just to stay calm may be also a sort of the same violence - we are tricky

2011 05 11 / B
80% of today's economy is in the drug business,
most producing the undercover drugs, we keep us by our own work in the evil circle
not our addiction, not even the production of drugs is the core problem,
but our lack of awarness & understanding of the situation
the difference between a substitute & a placeholder is, that
the first's settled for less while the second keeps looking for the right piece
a placeholder is needed, when its function is necessery to exist & function & just empty space is not enough

2011 05 05 / B
(5) indispensable -
beyond drugs' the unsolved problem of being not understood -
Socrates, Golas - greed, lure, responsible, might, freedom
(5) is it just a problem of positioning : i doubt it,
there's a gap between Kant & Einstein,
the gap of being recognized, understood, valued

2011 08 11 / B / website written (weblog)
io to recognize there must be a already designed space within the recognizing person
this space can be mannifold distorted if it's there at all
such unfolded, uncreated space is ginnungagap, as white noise, termal noise, a tohuwabohu

have to work on the intentional development of such an intern space within another person

2011 04 25 / B
drug addiction is a placeholder for the next point in need,
in need to make a line out of the evil circle, in need/in/io to move ahead

2011 04 13 / B
prices are seductive,
before the price one has to look for the value,
contained points of decisive quality io to decide constructive
one has to settle willingly & conscious how the dices fall & where the water flows to,
that's nature, humility, reason & unspoiled success
success alone doesn't tell if's right,
it can just serve an addiction,
it pays off but destroys,
that's the way we live now
we all are prone to follow the success & to follow the price,
that's the way how we let seduce & spoil us
it's not about to be seduced & spoiled, but about to know & follow what's right & to withstand the wrong,
that's not morality that's reason

what went just wrong with morality & ethics,
we know them for thousands of years & are yet not better humans
- to understand
we think we know how to understand, we had to think twice, means to doubt that thought, it's seducing, we seduce us not to think further

morality - ethics - value - virtue - tendency - outcome - result - vision

probably the most unfortunate trait in people is the ability
to endure unhappiness, for decades & with the help of all sorts of drugs

2011 04 07 / B
RT @ksenianagieva :
"Addiction: any process used to avoid or take away intolerable* reality" - Pia Mellody* - linked to RELATIVE - ABSOLUTE - OBJECTIVE - SUBJECTIVE

2011 08 04 / B / website written (weblog)
ADDICTION to a drug occurs, when the STRESS is not answered ultimately
in such a situation stress is temporarilly postponed by the DRUG

such a postponing action may be correct within life threatening situations
but addiction to drugs appears, when the emergency situation repeated as a loop of
...STRESS - DRUG USAGE - TEMPORARY RELIEF - lack of ability to deal successfully with a situation - STRESS... becomes the normality
& replaces the drug free normality of solving stress situations by increasing the own ability to deal with those stress causing situations successfully
the less successfully solved stress situations one has experienced within the own life the more increases the avoidance amount of such situations on the one hand,
the more stress becomes experienced, the more urge to solve the stress situation increases on the other hand
both ongoings combined cause a situation similiar to a closed pot with gradually increasing inner pressure
usage of drugs seems at the beginning to be a stress relief, but
io to reach the same amount of relief without any another problem solving matters, the dosage of drugs must be increased

addiction occurs, when for the person involved there are no alternative options of action than usage of drugs
options of action are oriented to successfully move forward in life, to increase the own ability to deal with life, to solve own problems & to achieve goals
drugs are oriented to successfully reduce the current presure of a situation io to be able to repeat the situation
drugs keep us in the same loop of unchanged stress causing situations at best for a longer period
options enable us to master earlier difficult situations afterwards with ease

the pressure of a situation is increased by overt emotional evaluation of a situation
the less we are capable of dealing successfully with a stress causing situation,
the more we increase our emotional involvement, the more increases the urge to solve the situation successfully, which causes an intern pressure
io to be able to live on
that intern pressure has to be reduced, which action is legitimate in extreme imminent life thretening crisis situations
but on a daily basis of normality, peace & freedom one has to apply other measures than to reduce stress,
even reversly, one has to use the pushing pressure to motivated seek solutions for stressful situations


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