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Hildegard Knef

broken in black lace


blown away

"Die Moerder sind unter uns"

Die Moerder Sind Unter Uns Plakat

"Verkauftes Leben"

"Entscheidung vor Morgengrauen"

Der geschenkte Gaul

at home in berlin



on top


Die deutsche Antwort auf Kim Novak

die Suenderin

heavy eyelashes

Knef sings


pale Hilde

red roses

more red roses

Fuer mich soll`s rote Rosen regnen
/ Red Roses has to rain for me

Von nun an ging's bergab /
From now on it went downhill

born 28 dec 1925 / died 01 02 2002

catch 1 :
"best singer without a voice" ( Ella Fitzgerald )

catch 2 :
Hilde was one of the most strong & unsuitable women out there
she did never what was expected to do, she did, what she thought that is worth to do
she was true to herself & to the world
her life was full of pain & illness, she complained never & didn't pitty herself
she used the obstacles not as an excuse & not even as an argument
despite her obstinacy or maybe even because of it, she was loved, admired & still is

she started as an actor but reached the top of her expression later
in the ripe years of her life mainly as song writer & chansonier
she sung about her experiences with life
as woman, as actor, as a stubborn, incovenient character & simply as a human

even now, after her death can her life, her struggle with many dangerous diseases &
her straight out way be a guidance for those among us,
who're searching for the "right" sort of life & are going lost by good ment contradictory recipes
Hilde was weak & powerful at the same time, true even

here some LINKS :
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Hildegard Knef site, some english info but mainly german, loveless website
Hildegard heißt heute keine mehr / german / i have probably to translate it, it's a great essay about the dying diva Hildegard Knef
I am that sensitive
Interview mit Peter Hossli / german / Hilde talks about her life in her direct outspoken way
What is it with 2002? A lot of people I really admire have died already, and it's only February.
Woman and a Half
Die deutsche Antwort auf Kim Novak

several album covers

horoscope :
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Hildegard Knef Horoscope

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