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born 01 dec 1935

who don't know Woody Allen?
who didn't saw at least one of his many many films
i don't know anymore when i saw first a film by Woody Allen
i also don't know, which film i saw first, in the end i saw nearly all of his films
just in the last years i lost a little the track

i remember, that i saw Everything you Always Wanted to Know About Sex (but were afraid to ask)
sitting on stairs in a complete overcrowded big cinema
What's Up Tiger Lily? nearly alone in a small indipendent movie & was amused enough to forget my shawl
Interiors was possibly Allen's biggest flop, i remember people living the cinema, dissapointed because of the serious content, not even a little smile in sight
i remember Allen's joke about the unhealthy vegetarian food in Sleeper
didn't played Madonna in Shadows and Fog ? i recall very foggy
the restless chinese doctor Yang resting in an opium high in Alice,
the wonderfull Gena Rowlands in Another Woman,
the chaotical Dianne Wiest in Hannah and Her Sisters, which i saw meantime four times at least,
Mia Farrow stuttering a heroic epic in the nostalgic Radio Days,
& i still didn't bought the CD although the music was charming
i remember also the blurry Robin Williams in Decontructing Harry, delicious film
& i love Mighty Aphrodite, the most amusing interpretation of an ancient greek drama,
Keep On Smiling ...

& i remember one of my mostly loved & mostly chaotical films i saw ever,
Casino Rrrrrroyale with the hiccuping living atomic bomb, Jimmy Bond

Woody Allen is definitely one of the best directors ever, best actors & best screenplay writers
his source for amazing punch lines seems never get dry,
stammering, spluttering, stuttering, shrugging
his films speak a language of love in wrinkled baggy trousers

for more you can start here for about 500.000 Woody Allen dedicated sites:
my favourite site
Woody's West Coast swing jazzes L.A. - Allen's second passion, his clarinet & jazz
soundtrack listing for Radio Days
a promotion site to his newest film, Hollywood Ending, with a trailer
with Soon-Yi in Venice - spanish
Picking up the Pieces - in deutsch
early years
Die Ultimative Allen Seite - deutsch

Casino Royale links:
a psychointellectual postmodern review
the viewer is left scratching his or her head, wondering what's going on ... hmmm :oD
Production Team + Cast + Plot Synopsis - blank facts Dr. Noah!
a creased, but true poster
a royale mess ... indecipherable ... with a bland climax ... it has a license to suck ... brilliant review ;o)
casino linkage
DVD auf deutsch
a virtually unwatchable fiasco ...
a serious distressed review but with highly pedantic crew list & a timeline
sound snippets ... a t-t-trail of beautiful d-d-dead women
For those of you who like to show off your stereo system,
Casino Royale is one the best albums around.

pretty trashy posters matching this glamour trash of film
official 007 fans without humor, but with earnest longing for sense & logic please don't touch it!

15 may 2002

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