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Susumu Hirasawa

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Susumu Hirasawa

born 02 apr 1954

the catch 1 :
amazing versatile musical artist since over 30 years & completely unknown outside of Japan

started with the band Mandragora, at the time of the late 1970's early 1980's with psychedelic, progresive rock
continued for around 20 years as the head member of P-Model in changing formations
with music somewhere between post punk, new wave, electro & techno pop
initiated ever since different solo, experimental & mutual projects
since around 2000 highly active as solo musician

the catch 2 :
Hirasawa's more sort of performance than just a musician
the intention & the content of the texts of his songs are same intriguing as the music

most known outside of Japan as the music composer & performer for Satoshi Kon's animes : Paprika, Paranoia Agent & Millenium Actress
after the sudden & shocking early death of Satoshi Kon
Hirasawa is assigned once again & working currently as a composer for Kon's last unfinished anime Machine Dreams / Dreaming Machine / yumemiru kikai

i for my part am undoubtedly sure that Susumu Hirasawa will be known one day as at least one of the most important musical artist of our time
in his music i found finally exactly that sort, which is able to correspond to all of my interests
& i even didn't searched for
i am unexpressively grateful that i am allowed to live in the same time as Susumu Hirasawa
even if i shouldn't bring something useful to that world, my life wasn't a waste because i was a listener to Hirasawa's music
such a statement may sound foolish, except, i am no fool

because of the sheer vastness of Hirasawa's work & people who feature something about it, just a bit of useful
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Susumu Hirasawa official website - NO ROOM
Susumu Hirasawa Twitter
Hirasawa's opposing war, set 2003
GN Shop - where to buy Susumu Hirasawa's work best
Hirasawa Energy Works - solar energy & Solar Ray

extensive P-Model & Hirasawa info site
Blog sur le monde d'Hirasawa Susumu
Satoshi Kon's last words - 26 july 2010
Hirasawa Susumu lyrics in japanese, transscriptions & few translations
a small collection of rare photos around Hirasawa

numerologic : 2 4 1954 / 2 4 1 5 4 / 2 4 1 / 7 <<<--- interesting, because of the astrologic similarity, 7's the number of NEPTUNE & Libra
there's a speciality about the sequence 2/4 as the day's number makes the half of the month's number
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
quick short horoscope overview about the main energy flow
very speculative since there is an unknown birth hour
i've set it to 9:09 AM - numerologically tripple accomplishment & tied it to the Jupiter in Gemini :
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Susumu Hirasawa Horoscope
as i've seen in many many musicians' & poets' horoscopes of all sorts a strong stand of NEPTUN/Pisces
Hirasawa's a parade example of

MOON & MERCURY in Pisces in the 10th house - at home with poesy & music, trascendental way of speaking
more in allegories & feelings than in any other sort of formulation, home & work are here one

NEPTUN itself in Libra - beauty, neatness, grace in any expression, thinking itself too because Mercury is in Neptune's hold in Pisces, it's very important to behave polite, accurate, distanced but warm & heartily

Jupiter in 12th house / Pisces - luck & happiness there
Jupiter in Gemini / Mercury under Neptune

MC just still in Pisces to let poesy be the main, highest & most important goal in life, but near enough to Aquarius to venture experiments
& thus IC, the deepest soul home, still in Virgo/hard detailed work, but a strong urge to be acknowledged/Leo

following :
URANUS & south NODE in Cancer >>> Moon under Neptune
all experiments, revolutions & rebellions have a transcendental urge & that's the deep soul's commitment

of course with SUN together with VENUS in Aries, it's a very agile, hot tempered, quick acting personality
easy come & easy go as a summer's storm & who loves it to be that way
probably are the two sides of the personality not easy to understand, the smooth, soft, vague, aetherial &
the very fiery, quick & often probably even unjust & thoughtless
additionally both SUN & VENUS in 11th house/Aquarius, means revolutionary, surprising, experimenting

& to be acknowledged NOT INSPITE but BECAUSE of the experiments is here very important
because of the tying between Leo (steady acknowledgement), Aquarius (risky experiments), Pluto (deep sincerity),
Uranus (experiments again) & Cancer (honesty)

interesting's also the retrograde SATURN in Scorpio & it's reign, the retrograde PLUTO in Leo
so both under the SUN's influence in Aries
additional SATURN in 5th house/Leo/Sun & PLUTO in 3rd house/Gemini/Mercury under Pisces
it's a sort of energetic hard working pitiless deep steadyness & aetherial wide open versatility at the same time
no wonder Hirasawa is already since 30 years working in the same field, with the same stuff, but on the othe hand interested in many other things & influenced by a vast amount of anything coming his way

the main energy flows between the opposition of the retrograde NEPTUNE in Libra & it's 'ruler' VENUS at the other side
but of course VENUS is here not independent at all, but again is reigned by the NEPTUNE in the sequence Venus/Aries/Jupiter/Mercury/Pisces
Hirasawa loves what he's doing, that's it !

MARS itself, the ruler of the SUN/Aries standing in Sagittarius stands under Jupiter & in the 7th house numerological Libra/Neptune
high ideals, goals bigger than life, but graceful & hoovering over any daily human needs

the Jupiter at ASC in Gemini stands itself under the energy of Mercury in Pisces

i think ASC in Gemini in Hiraswa's horoscope makes sense, but you are free to correct me, if you know his actual birth hour

11 mrc 2011

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