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Serge Gainsbourg

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Ballade de Melody Nelson


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Ce mortel ennui


L'appareil sous


L'eau a la bouche

born 02 apr 1928 / died 01 mrc 1991

the catch :
extremely creative, versatile & independent composer, songwriter & singer

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A Tribut to Serge Gainsbourg - just french
about Histoire de Melody Nelson, written by John Ballon
a german site about Francoise Hardy, good Gainsbourg interpreter - english, german, french

quick short horoscope overview about the main energy flow :
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ASC pisces - good for musicians & poets
conjunction with
MERCURY into the 12 H
& VENUS into the 1H

VENUS/1H/pisces - a sublime form of love, transcendent, but because of the 1H a pasionate & sudden one
MERCURY/12H/pisces - not n the intellectual but again poetic way, very strong the abilty to look behind the things, into their essence, in some other horoscope would be such a mercury a very unable one to think straight, but for someone living a life of a musician & poet an excellent one
on the other hand, a MERCURY in pisces means also a detached emotionsless & sceptical spectator of the other side
MOON in near opposition to it
MOON/6H/virgo - the heart clings to a very dilligent & exact way of work, it's a strong inner need for accuracy & detailed devotion to the current subject of interest
NEPTUNE/6H/leo - nearby to be in opposition, but opposes the aquarius instead & thus opposes nearly exact MARS
MARS/12H/aquarius - thus dependent from NEPTUNE in opposition - NEPTUNE watches MARS' steps closely,
means the other side is more important than the own personality in the world

ARIES dependent from MARS in opposition to NEPTUNE
SUN/1H/aries - thus SUN, the personality dependent via MARS from NEPTUNE again
conjunction with JUPITER, good luck in life, a happy life
near conjunction with URANUS
but because NEPTUNE stands in opposition to aquarius, thus URANUS is here independent & very strong
URANUS/1H/ARIES - accent on impulsive quick, sudden, explosive need for change, diversity, experiments, new ways, never before tracked paths
as MERCURY acompanies nearby the ASC, so does it MARS on the same side but in a second orbit,
at the other side of ASC same mirroring picture
VENUS acompanies nearby ASC, URANUS in nearly accurate distance as MARS does on the other side of ASC
the result is : the other side is understood (mercury) & one is wide (gemini) & in particular (virgo) involved in it, one loves (venus), to do exact that sort of doing, one is compelled to antagonize (uranus) & expose the own free will sudden & unexpected (mars & uranus, aquarius & aries) to the world

because of the erotic & sexual form of Serge Gainsbourgh's work one could expect a strong PLUTO & accent on taurus, but both are in this horoskop not of any special importance
any extravaganza, shocking behaviour, frivolity, breaking of social rules comes according to that horoscope out of the tripple accent of URANUS, MARS & NEPTUN
Serge Gainsbourgh seemed to be more very strange & hard to understand than lascif & rotten

additional, special accent on both sides of MERCURY, the gemini & the virgo, results in importance of the intellectual, detached, informal, objective form of all doings
MERCURY in conjunction with ASC on the pisces/NEPTUNE side, MOON in virgo, NEPTUNE in the 6H, the ascending node/DRAGON'S HEAD is in gemini & the 3H

ascending node/DRAGON'S HEADis in gemini & the 3H means - to learn is the abbility to be versatilely, Serge Gainsbourgh achieved it surely

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but where in this horoscope can be seen the source of Serge Gainsbourgh's success & power ?
that source is the active impact an existing & living being produces out of nothing & nowhere & thus without any trace of other source than exact that, onself alone, that's authenticity in action

the only trace of it can be seen around the MC/medium coeli, that's how it can be done & here it can be seen, in which way it will be important to oneself

Serge Gainsbourgh has there the Dragon's Tail/ the decending, south node nearby to the retrograde SATURN, 9H/sagittarius : high ideals, high hopes, far away goals, far beyond any known & present, a strong urge, longing & pull, Serge Gainsbourgh has allready mastered it, it was allready simply a skill, a talent (south node) & thus of no real importance to him, he had to do it & he had known how, but that wasn't the real kick for him

that's HOW Serge Gainsbourgh could do it, as everyone's horoscope contains a MC, but IF one will do it depends on the way one takes oneself & the own life important enough to fullfill that within the own life span

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updated 01 july 2010
updated 09 march 2005
original 16 may 2002

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