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Marshall Rosenberg

Marshall Rosenberg

born 06 october 1934

the catch :
the inventor & developer of NonViolent Communication
one of the most precious human ideas ever
which significance for the development of humans is currently not recognized & acknowledged enough by people

why wasn't Marshall Rosenberg allready awarded with the Nobel Peace Prize
there is no other person & no other method in the world, who's & which's contribution is of more constructive & positive value to the world peace
than Marshall Rosenberg & Nonviolent Communication
Nonviolent Communication has to be implemented into the schedule of education in schools right from the beginning
children, young people have to learn to deal with problems in a constructive, positive, supportive & based on communication way
if humans have to solve their problems effective & peacefull, is Nonviolent Comunication the most powerful & the most intelligent way to do so
which is already now available, learnable & teachable & thus realistic applicable immediately

Giraffes never try to be right or perfect.
Giraffes only want to become progressively less stupid. ...
Giraffes know, that everything that's worth doing, is worth doing poorly.

the only probem i have with NVC is, that it can be used as another way to be suppressed
it is a very precise working & healing method for therapists, within healthy relationships & as a way to deal with dangerous situations
but not as a method for every relationship
some relationships' constellations are prone to remain unmoved, because at least one of the involved people is willing to sarifice everything
io to stay in the current constellation, relationships are going deeper than the communication within them
when one is participating in such a relationship, then one can be trapped in the interactions as a victim & literally sucked dry of energy
some constellations are unchangeable, because some people oppose actively to change
the high art is to know when someone is willing & able to change & when not
more about those aspects you can learn from the Transactional Analysis & the CoDependence movement

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Center for Nonviolent Communication
Compassionate Communication By Marshall Rosenberg
This painfully reveals ... how easy it is to dehumanize someone by the simple process of simply thinking of him or her as "our child."
At an early age, most of us were taught to speak and think Jackal.

numerologic : 6 10 1934 / 6 1 1 9 3 4 / 6 1 1 3 4 / 6 1 1 7 /
7 1 7 / 8 7 / 15 / 6
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horoscope :

Marshall Rosenberg Horoscope
very interesting is the opposition between URANUS & JUPITER
& very unusual both between two signs,
URANUS already on the side of Taurus, out of Aries
JUPITER still on the side of Libra, still not in Scorpio

i think that opposition is, which is allowing Marshall Rosenberg to know the passion, the energy,
the selfrighteous unjustess, the quick temper, the force, the violence, the consequences of Aries
& to forecast the passion, the dread, the brooding, the pain, the violence of Scorpio
but also to notice the yearning for harmony, beauty & perfection of Libra
& to live the knowledge of the earthy, real, hard work & its concrete results of Taurus
all 4 elements meet in this opposition
but out of those 4 elements just a very special selection is spotlighted here
the energetic side of water & fire (Scorpio & Aries), the reality of earth (Taurus) & the mildness of air (Libra)
the result is a sensitive fragile, but pointed strong balance of personality
also the ability to realize in one person the principle of an entirety, wholeness

the bursting energy of URANUS is tamed & grounded by
its retrogression & the retrograded SATURN in Aquarius (reigned by URANUS)
PLUTO, the reign of Scorpio (mud) is seen through by the transparency of MERCURY & watched by joy & happiness of JUPITER from Libra

JUPITER is supported in its balance by VENUS & SUN in Libra
PLUTO itself in Cancer, the fresh water, different to the old water of Scorpio is watched by the MOON
MOON is standing dry & precise in Virgo & there together with NEPTUNE
means, that spontaneous feelings (MOON) are not lived out immidiately but first analysed merciless, pittiless & precise by Virgo
the NEPTUNE here is supporting & assuring the MOON in the same way

i think also very significant are the planets in Leo :
MARS, LILLITH & Dragon's Tail
the free independent will, the independent rebelling female & the abilities

i suppose the ASC is a near Aries standing Pisces
NEPTUNE & Pisces are the key, which is a small but significant impulse in Marshall Rosenberg's horoscope

CHIRON (co reign of Pisces) stands in the communicative & curious side of MERCURY, Gemini

widened 15 june 2011
21 march 2011

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