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Rennes-le-Chateau de Patrick Chatelier

born 1963

i'll say just one - Gabriel Knight - !
that's my mostly prefered adventure PC game series
Xmas '99 was the time when i played Blood Of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned ,
i bought this game immidiately after the release here in Germany
after i played the two previous adventures
Sins of the Fathers & Beast Within
there was no doubt about the content's quality
the intelligent & deeply investigated story lines,
a perfect mixture of fiction & history
is the secret of Jane Jensen's fascinating work
& has offered many hours of amusing mystery to my gaming life

in 2001 Jane Jensen presented her first novel "Judgment Day" (Millennium Rising)
she's writing currently on 3 new books,
which should be available in 2003

just to see again all of the screenshots from the game &
read the backgrounds about Rennes-Le-Chateau
make me feel anew the fascination of this Schattenjaeger saga
i hope Jane Jensen will return soon as a gameplay story teller
& let Gabe be no more the last of his kind ...

for more check out the following links:
Jane Jensen's newest game on which she'd been working the last years - Gray Matter -
due to problems (usual) with developers & publishers it's shoved from 2008 to 2009

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Judgment Day by Jane Jensen

reviewed 10 june 2008
originally 26 may 2002

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