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Ungeliebte Frau

Juttas Befreiung

Aus erster Ehe

Das Findelkind aus Paradiso

Unschuldig schuldig

Die Tochter der Waescherin

Der Australier

Die Pelzkoenigin

Des Schicksals Wellen

born 18 feb 1867 / died 26 nov 1950

catch 1 :
self made woman with diligence, discipline & ambition out of the lowest end of life

catch 2 :
writes about human values

just few LINKS because of the "unworthy" content:
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biographie in german
list of novels in german
Hedwig Courths-Mahler leben, Romane & Leseproben in german
Tränen des Ekels - eine "unparteische" einschätzung im Spiegel
Hedwig Courths-Mahler bei Bastei Luebbe

few words about :
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Hedwig Courths-Mahler is one of those female authors,
who are named not serious enough, not worth to be read
shoddy, trash, kitsch romance writer
although read by millions since more than 100 years,
she's still an undercover author
even the actors who played in the 1970's film adaptations
erase this "shamefully" past in their life

her own life is like one of her novels
born in shabby & poorest circumstances,
the mother a whore, illegitimate father a skipper
writes her first novel with 17, publicated in a newspaper
Hedwig masters her career with ambition, dilligence, courage & discipline
a good job in a time of a beginning of female emancipation
she has done, what she wanted to do,
self conscious & unperturbed by those, mostly male critics,
who have to tell the world, which's worth to be read
& which not ...

i'm curious, when the time will come, to "discover" Hedwig Courths-Mahler
like others were discovered suddenly & rehabilitated after zillion of years first

quick short horoscope overview about the main energy flow :
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Hedwig Courths-Mahler Horoscope
at first there is a dominant 4 points meeting around the DSC/descendent, at the edge between pisces & aquarius - JUPITER/DSC/SUN/MERCURY

SUN just in the last degree of aquarius,
just a pinch of revolution (aquarius), but still not quite a poet (pisces)

MERCURY in that horoscope of a writer in a surprisingly subdued role, completly toned down, nothing in gemini, nothing in 3H, means not versatile at all, JUPITER in the 6H (virgo), the nitpicking side of mercury
additional in virgo/1H the Dragon's Head/north node, what has to be learned - the correct, exact, small minded, dumb & nitpicking

also beginning of the 2H (taurus) in virgo - passion for nitpicking

MERCURY/pisces - NEPTUNE/aries - MARS/cancer - MOON/leo in conjunction with ASC ( SUN in aquarius - URANUS retrograding in cancer ) - to write means here to imagine - to imagine means here to long for, to desire, to want - to want means here to be appreciated & acknowledged, to be acknowledged means here to break the rules a little, to break the rules means here to feel at home
a calculated form to write, but a heart's wish

interesting the conjunction between VENUS & LILITH, both sides of the female, the obedient loving & the independent rebelious, both in the 5H, which makes a strong streak of that personality, both in capricorn, which means a stubborn & hard working until the goal is reached

Saturn itself at the IC/immum coeli, which indicates a deep hard strong & steady root

a small additional token nearby to the DSC 4-pack are standing in conjunction Dragon's Tail/south node & CHIRON in pisces & 8H - good healthy mind & body

nearly in opposition to SATURN/4H/IC/scorpio stands PLUTO/10H/MC/taurus - passion for brooding
it could have been even sultry passion for pleasure, but the strong straight SATURN (values), the strong mixture with URANUS (freedom & independence) & VENUS/LILITH in capricorn stand clearly for ancient human values, not just personal passion & pleasure as it would be without them

the retrograde URANUS seems to be the opposite of itself, no revolution but humility, no modernity but ancient values, no explosiveness but suppression

clearly a woman of a very strong personality !

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updated 01 july 2010
originally 06 dec 2007

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