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George Sanders

All about Eve

born 03 july 1906 / died 25 april 1972

the catch 1 :
controverse person
excessively cool
if there is any embodiment of coolness, George Sanders is it

the catch 2 :
killed himself out of boredom at 65
"Dear World,
I am leaving because I am bored.
I feel I have lived long enough.
I am leaving you with your worries in this sweet cesspool.
Good luck."

if you think, that he just boasted, people can be ill & old & nevertheless just bored with his present & his future
it may be lack of imagination, although i doubt that in George Sanders, but noone should be obliged to deal with what life's dishing
the most people die without a suicide earlier than at 65, so if he thought that to deal with his present life wasn't worth the effort, so be it
the base might have been indeed his russian upbringing, the russian emotional plague called Oblomovka

watched :
All About Eve *****
The Picture of Dorian Gray ***

to watch :
The Saint (1939-41)

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An Appreciation of George Sanders by Gary Kamiya
a filmography on imdb
Douglas Sirk's A Scandal in Paris & other films with & talk about George Sanders
Actor who played Simon Templar, alias The Saint, in the Movies
Saint Marathon

numerologic : 3 7 1906 / 3 7 7 / 17 / 8
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horoscope :
George Sanders Horoscope
there are several unusual points in this horoscope

especially unusual is the ASC/DC pair
teamed as
ASC/retrograde North Node/Venus in Leo
& DC/retrograde South Node/Chiron in Aquarius

the SUN sequence is circular :
the SUN under MOON, MOON under PLUTO,
tied to that circle are :

hovering around the DC in a nearly exact position on both sides are
both retrograde URANUS & SATURN

a very neat, clever & efficient arranged horoscope

the South Node indicates that George Sanders knew how to cooperate within a group & it was very healing & energising (Chiron) for him to do so, nevertehless
his aim was to establish a leading independence, an own class (North Node in Leo)
a cool, witty, nonchalant sexappeal accompanied his way to express himself (Mercury & Venus near ASC in Leo)

his personality (SUN) acompanied by insight (Neptune) & ambition (Mars)
is toned down through the drowned in Scorpio Moon, but that opiated with drama Moon is lurking into the fifth house (Sun)
George Sanders knows the chasms of the soul but he intergrates the gains dug up of its depth through the lightheartedness of Gemini, where Pluto stands & accompanied by Jupiter it can just mark a lucky strike

Uranus & Saturn
Uranus' explosive energy is bound by the narrowness & gravity of Saturn
the heavy Saturn itself is dispersed by the mysts of Neptune
but Neptune is obliged to the Sun & the Moon, the core of any human personality

MC in Aries orientates the personality into striving for spontaneous expression of the moment
the root of this personality as IC is a neet, polite, cultivated, calm & trimmed one to a gracious efficiency

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19 may 2002

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