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otto e mezzo

otto e mezzo


marcello mastroiani's legs

e la nave va






born 20 jan 1920 / died 31 oct 1993

the catch 1 :
filmed dreams

the catch 2 :
most imaginative film director
with a preference for scurility in reality

Fellini is one of my dearest film directors
my most loved film made by him is
those colors, this creativity, those emotions
both hands full of earth & dreams
i like also
E La Nave Va - filmed poetry
from the older films is
8 1/2 my favourite
but on the other side i don't like
La Strada at all, argh ...

what i like in Fellini's films is the mixture of reality & fiction
dream & the profaneness of life
where imagined things seem real because they are filmed real
the border between imagination & reality is not clear
the reality of the inside, the thoughts & feelings are for Fellini the same real,
maybe even more real than the "objective" materiality

what i like further is the italian way of life
near to the fleshy side, the things & people are not stylish, but fleshy
not polished beauty was interesting for Fellini,
but curious, different, sometimes even screwed up faces & bodies
i guess in the end it has a lot to do with La Strada,
the imagined gloriousness among the cheap reality of circus
the diversity of the human life was interesting for Fellini
& that's because i feel in his films at home

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numerologic : 20 1 1920 / 2 1 1 2 / 6 / 3
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