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Edith Nesbit

magic city

enchanted castle


born 15 aug 1858 / died 04 may 1924

the catch 1 :
phantastic, scurile magical stories writer for children

the catch 2 :
pleads especially in her children books for radical humanity

Edith Nesbit screwed probably my life by telling me :
that it's worth to stand to own dreams,
that's it's not just normal but extremely healthy too not to be overly obedient even to the own parents
& to watch out for magic everywhere & all the time, because it happens in the strangest places & ways

regarding the quality of Edith Nesbit's work is her presence in the internet rather poorly:
six of E.N.'s wonderful stories online eg. the Psammead series:
Five Children & It + The Phoenix & the Carpet + The Story of the Amulet
The Railway Children - a site about the autor & mainly the 2000 production
a picture of her last house in St. Mary's Bay
Edith Nesbit Bibliography
two poems by Edith Nesbit
The Fields of Flanders, another poem by E.N.
44 Edith Nesbit titles online
more about her political backgrounds
The Edith Nesbit Society
Gore Vidal in praise of Edith Nesbit / 25 feb 1965
Edith Nesbit - short Biography & Bibliography

i started to read Edith Nesbit's books already as child
as i found her books in the school library together with Francis Hodgson Burnett's books
from the beginning on i loved Nesbit's stories more than any others
many years later i found in C. S. Lewis' Narnia stories first a similar good quality

Harry Potter fans may forgive me, but i can't imagine, that someone, who knows Nesbit's books can be a passionate fan of Joanne K. Rowling
Joanne K. Rowling may be the best selling children autor of today, but Edith Nesbit will be ever a more imaginative, fantastic, subtle & humorous story teller

first of all
The Magic City is for me the one & only book, which i would take with me to a lonely island,
although i've read it meantime several times it will be for me the best book ever
the story's frame, a relationship between a boy & his adult sister is a wonderful base for an adventure, where he seeks & fights for love & a family
the adventures themselves are a journey similar to such classical stories like the Odyssey, where the hero's travelling in the outside & must solve different riddles & fight with monsters, but the real journey is the one in the inside world & the real fight is one against the own fright, bad attitudes & for the right way in the own life
Nesbit's heros don't save the world, not even the own family, but are fighting to be a better human
& such a tenor is not very surprising because Edith Nesbit is not only known as a great children autor, but also as one of England's first socialists
she was a self-conscious woman in the beginnings of emancipation, paying the daily life out of her own work as a story teller, not a very normal situation in the victorian/edwardian times

besides of The Magic City i like mostly the
Psammead series, where brothers & sisters are travelling through space & time experiencing a lot of magical & fantastic adventures with the help of a curious & ancient creature, the hydrophobic Psammead

further i like the
Enchanted Castle, a thick package of most fantastic & magical adventures, where all wishes come true & end not so luckily as they were ment
& i like Edith Nesbit's short tales, the most of are plain beautiful & i've read never more similar inventive

short said, if you don't know Edith Nesbit's books, you have missed the world's most enchanted

numerologic : 15 8 1858 / 9 / 1 5 8 / 15 6 / 4
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
horoscope :

Edith Nesbit Horoscope
without the birth hour, thus very unfulfilled review
some points :

retrograde Pluto in Taurus - cautious deep realism opposite to the Moon in Scorpio - hopeless drama

strongly related
Chiron in Aquarius / Uranus with Jupiter in Gemini / Mercury with Dragon's Tail in Virgo
in opposition to retrograde Neptun in its own sign Pisces =
mild revolutionary, realistic phantasmas, ability to formulate, vivid imagination

Venus in Libra - love for harmony & mildness
Sun & Saturn in Leo - generous but adamant personality

that's a pretty contradictory result
it would be very helpful to know Edith Nesbit's ASC/MC cross & houses

Edith Nesbit remains even in her horoscope mysteriously evading

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10 may 2002

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