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30 august 2011

Chernobyl - 1986 / not a damage to a society's culture, but even if concerning, so rather a blamage than damage
besides of the life quality worsening effects, since it was before the downfall of the institutionalised communism
it played into its deconstruction & was itself an evident sign of that downfall itself,
the communistic culture as planed & developed for the first time in human history met in the late 1980s it's downfall

it had to be a warning sign ( Emmanuell Todd )
the comministic culture may be the notorious opposite of the capitalistic culture, but in such a constellation it is indeed nothing but it's twin
capitalism & communism are both socialised materialisations of the industrialised human culture founded in the late 19th century
& both are based on bland violence by negligence of sensibility of existence
the banality of evil (Hannah Arendt) is the normality of a post moral culture
morality works with fear & allurement (zuckerbrot & peitsche / Nietzsche)
the end of morality is here & now, we live in its last stages
uninformed & unable to inform oneself one is protected & excused from the duty (burden, result, guilt) of knowledge by impossibility of mind map design by lack of input, lack of supporting structure
as it was for humanity since the buildup of its societies merged into feudalism for thousands of years
but now we cannot longer deny our lack of possibilities of information & so now we are no more poor in information but ignorant to information
& thus ignorant to education & no more just poor in education
may poverty of information & education be deplorable, but it is shielding the participants from the duty & guilt of passed possibility
ignorance is the emotionally cold connecting link between simple lack of possibilities by absence & mannifold manufactured dismissal of possibilities against presence


since the Chernobyl incident the times changed, but changed on the same track, the track of a downfall
the 2001 incident of the Twin Towers is factual staged by islamic terrorists, but based in the crossed line of long passed sense of pursuit for the industrial human culture
there is no smooth gliding out of the industrialisation into the information, there isn't not because of the overall impossibility
but because of the inertia within the tolerance margin between industrialisation & information
we leave the gravity of industrialisation & enter the gravity of information
we leave the realm of the forming laws of industrialisation & enter the realm of the forming laws of information,
which come with the price of responsibility, if seen as a drawback, which come with wonderlike opportunities, if seen with feverish awaited might of responsibility
this responsibility is in the realm of information the duty to enlightement

any till now endured & staged incident after Chernobyl & after the downfall of the Berlin Wall is no more a sign of the past but the foreboding of the future
we can greet our future by speeding up the inevitable, or we can prolong the birth pains by ignorance, it's up to us

the signs :

Chernobyl / 1986
Berlin Wall / 1989

° oil spills en mass, tornados en mass, vulcanic erruptions en mass, earth plates movement causing tsunamis en mass / negative response
° outsourcing the economic wealth & the ecologic & social burdens into industrial underdeveloped parts of human society
based on greed, unreflected urge & fear / negative response
° Twin Towers / 2001 / negative response
° social & fiscal disquiet in Europe : France Paris banlieues / 2005 / negative response
° Fukushima / 2011 / negative response

° violent downfall of Islamic dictatures / 2011 / responds to be seen
° social & fiscal disquiet in Europe : Greece, Spain, London / 2011 / responds to be seen
° USA lose AAA credit rating / 2011 / responds to be seen
Great Britain, London riots / august 2011 / responds to be seen
° USA, Obama decision about the energy future regarding tarsands oil / 2011 / responds to be seen

reflection on Fukushima cultural outcomes /
reflection on London cultural outcomes /

reflection on US credit rating loss outcomes yet to come /

if we, the participants of the industrial culture do not abandon its course, we will harvest unimagined suffering & damage, this result will be inescapable
between the present situation & developement & those damage incidents, there will be & already is much suffering & damage,
many of them in the regions which are not directly responsible, but intermediary
we have, because of those incidents, the possibilities to use our conscience & compassion & prevent this way our own suffering,
if we dismiss this opportunity for the necessary immitent change into an informed culture, we will harvest inescapably
our own suffering & finally by the further unchanged industrial course our own downfall
either we change by will into an informal enlightened culture or we will perish as culture
this is currently unimaginable but cultures were established, have persisted for centuries, thousands of years even & still have perished **

there is no other way, there is no way around this current course of events
we are those who are asking for that change (demand as the next step), we hold it, keep it going, we won't let it, cause it is our next future
this future will come either the successful peaceful way or the damaging, suffering, violent way
except, different to past possibilities of changes within the feudal cultures, we don't have the option of survival as culture after the dismissal of the peaceful option
the informed culture cannot be born out of a violent turmoil, there is not one such existent possibility
the only possibility after this dismissal is our downfall & perishment

the dismissal of the peaceful option will be, if we choose that course,
the signing of our own death sentence as culture, it will be the declaration of our bancrupcy, it will be this culture's default on its brink to a restructuring

prognosis of our current culture :
the decline started definitive 1800, it will last till 2300, the point of no return is 2050
will we be not able to generate a change movement of our culture till 2050, it won't be saveable anymore,
a new completely different culture will appear if humans will survive the climate change they generate,
the next culture will generate ~2050
it means, that our culture lasted ~2300 years
- ancient Egypt ~4000, ancient Greece ~3450, Roman Empire ~1125, ancient China ~5900,
indian culture is lasting still since ~3200 years, meantime also in the process of decay

[Twitter written 28 august 2011]

publicised 30 august 2011
first draft 14 august 2011
updated 02 september 2011

17 march 2011

either people go the way of nature
or if standing in its way
will be wiped out by its strength

technology, culture & nature near the oceans

our aggressive way of living is the basis
we are living at the edge of our future or our extinction
it lies just in our own hands & depends just on our own decisions & actions
if we take the one or the other way

Twin Towers 2001

Thailand tsunami 2004
cultural destruction of New Orleans - Katrina 2005

Haiti earthquake - 12 jan 2010
Island volcano Eyjafjallajökull - 21 march 2010
Gulf of Mexico oil spill - 20 april 2010
Indonesia volcano Merapi - 27 october 2010
earthquake Bad Ems - 14 feb 2011
Japan earthquake - 9 march 2011
japanese Tohoku earthquake, tsunami & Fukushima atomic radiation - 11 march 2011

Earth's axis shifts

continuously melting of poles
that's simply not the evolving tendency to go

people do look everytime at the loss of people
it may surely sound unfeeling, harsh & cynic, but with nearly 7 billiards that's not the main human problem
but the continually dismissed forecasting dread
which had to frighten us, but doesn't
we look everytime at the money & people loss, but do not realize that we are loosing our future
nature will survive, with or without us, it's really mainly our own choice, we have just to take serious the basis of our life
but we base mainly on hopes that our expectations will be met, by a friendly whomever
but why should everybody care, if we do not care for ourselves :

those who suffer & those who let suffer have to be realized
& those are not just humans, but any existing something
constructive non violent nature nurturing alternatives have to be designed & developed
one has to stand to it & to hold it no matter what

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