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dry land & mighty waters

26 june 2011

intern site's structure update
ready to contain most of the FLOW

11 march 2011

it happened again
a nuclear catastrophe
it was horrible with Chernobyl
& with Fukushima it's not a bit easier to live
i hope for the sake of the people, they will have more luck than they seem to have the ability for consequence & understanding
of course it's fine to sit in the now safe Germany while people in Japan are strugling
at least i feel guilty to have enough luck to be not in such a terrifying position
it's a high time to quit the belief in nuclear promisses of a clean environment

10 march 2011

started to tweet
brought online susumu hirasawa in humans
i don't believe in happenstance, besides, i don't believe at all

09 march 2011

Illinois has abolished the death penalty


at the end 2010 there's an apoar about Assange & Wikileaks
heard nothing important anymore, the grindstones of law are miling
at the beginning 2011 there's an aproar in Germany about
Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, the Federal Minister of Defence
because of a breach of copyright law
a pitiful case

30 june 2010

All Saints starts using PayPal, actually already 22 june, but i missed it
thanx world ! for your cooperation

Reflexive Arcade stops selling games
what are they brooding ? or are they just plain shutting down ?

20 june 2010

few days back i had finaly an epiphany about reflecting area
the results are now finally online
some old stuff new assorted
the new direction has to be shaped first
new stuff will be hard to catch, i'll try it

at least i can use my own site finally again

spring & summer 2010

oil spill in Golf of Mexico
same old stupid shit once again - folks give it up, take on sollar collectors for now

Island volcano Eyjafjallajökull stops flights in Europe

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dry land & mighty waters