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2011 07 13 / TIME - GOD - MONEY

2011 08 17 / B / website written (weblog)
TIME is based upon OBJECTIVITY, thus time is illusionary, cause the idea of objectivity is illusionary
ILLUSION is of course a bottomless ACCUSATION, thus here the bottom :

objectivity roots in the wish to succumb to a higher power,
this wish is fired by the correct logic view, reflection, recognisation of reality as dependency & interdependency,
we get taught this reality in the space of our infancy

cause objectivity roots in the wish to succumb to a higher power,
thus roots objectivity in paternalism
negative paternalism ist the belief in the own inferiority without any proof,
that would be stilll not illusionary itself, cause proofs musn't appear in the same moment of space as the questions appear, the matters appear, but
the belief in the own inferiority is again
based in the wish, hope, longing & probably in the education towards dependency instead the preparation towards self reliance

humans simply don't get & don't educate, that humans have to be educated towards self reliance, that with the developement of thousands of years & generation of living within a society we have learned to rely, we are civil & we lose the ability to live self reliant
we have to learn both, to be to perform both :
the self reliance & the societal civility

even if the initial recognition is logic & realistic,
so is the lack of knowledge the root of the exaggeration towards the negative paternalism
the exaggeration is based upon the idea of the quantified ability
what we have missed to learn is to qualify our abilities
which does function in a complete different way

quantification is simpler than qualification of abilities
quantification bases upon the avoidance of pain of birth
(some exceed the pain, which is also not a great working out idea, also based just upon quantification)
quality lies where the pain is if pain it is which we shun
quality lies where the pleasure is if pleasure is which we shun
quality lies where the extension beyond the known lies & this' relative matter in the highest possible way, the singular relative way

besides self reliance demands more energy than succumbation, leaning
so the logic of this thought goes straight towards negative paternalism
but this is again the way of quantification of the already known, this time the knowledge of a functioning way, which then is used as smthng to lean at

but to lean at the already existent is just justified if it is used to approach, realise the own minimal basis
it is not justified to bridge boredom eg or fear
fear is a form of stress
stress is a sign of under education, the lack of basic abilities, eg such one as the movement on the own towards widening the own space of action, freedom

intern self reliance - extern foreign reliance

this pattern breaks down if the foreign isn't

2011 05 28 / B
God, Time & Money are ideas,
which help humans to orientate themelves in otherwise unconcerted, uncoordinated smthg,
Chaos viceversa Cosmos

time's a method to coordinate social actions,
time's the focus on the change between two qualities of space

2011 03 29 / B
'time' is the 'movement' between two qualities of space, ...

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