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2011 07 13 / OWN - SOCIAL (cluster)

2011 08 09 / B
the own right place is of more value than an overall freedom,
the own place consists of all necessary things uncompromised & those compromised are not really necessary,
so simply don't compromise on the necessary things
& stop to care much about compromises regarding unnessary stuff, be rather soft & generous there than sordid

to do it here well, one has to know what those OWN NECESSARY THINGS are

to circle the own place is creating elegance
you learn it best in Spain

2011 07 13 / B
2011 07 20 / B/D

i suppose, what is traditionally called SOUL is what i call QUALITY as a principle, which is attached appearing as OWN or SOCIAL

the difference between OWN & SOCIAL is dictated by the SPACE, the wastness of space between the CORE & the PERIPHERY
because of the UNWUCHT the own is limited, is finite

the difference, the movement, the tendency, distance

the DISTANCE dictates the change in QUALITY
so there is SPACE

2011 07 08 / B
one has to be able to formulate not only gracefull, but also pointed,
that's the one side, the other is to have to say smthng of value
that's an art too,
the ability to have to say smthng of value,
it's sufficient already as an own value, the principle of the own equals
& that's an art too,
to be able to recognise the principle within the own value
& to translate it into another universe of own,
which is exactly as the own,
but just differently formulated in materia & virtual,
that principle of the own is what Maslow was about
but it's probably even harder to translate that own principle into the social principle,
societies tick differently than personalities
probably that's right to demand, that societies aren't measured similiar to personalities, but are they ?

Corporate Personhood >>> word of the yester/day : corporate

2011 07 07 / B
where do i learn how to be me,
hopes for premade fatalisms are a bleak allusion of another easy way,
so much potential to err

2011 04 08 / B
you don't need to do something else,
just do what you do right

we are leaving different than we came,
we leave a different world than we entered,
both differences had to be purity

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