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11 mrc 2011

Albert Einstein has published
the special relativity theory in 1905
& the general relativity theory in 1916
the theories are in use in the physics, everyone, just little educated knows it
but the humanity didn't get the consequences of it yet in the normal daily life
i think 100 years are really enough to grasp it

i for my part gave up my own thesis of people knowing how to live in general in 2005
now i am working on the best way of communicating the consequences to the human world
maybe i get it baked all toghether until 2016
would be a good gesture to Einstein

at least people developed finally easier ways to communicate one to one without knowing each other
online communication is a pretty thing & highly practical

i am now on twitter, i think twitter is a nice way to spill some fresh thoughts, if those have any value to be at least thought
i suppose youtube is at least now not the real thing, or just for those, who are making films already
the content yet is of course doubious & forgettable in the most part, so around 90% probably
so youtube on my side just as a link reservoir
& i am deliberating to use some sort of blog
i supposedly will spill there some of those of my heavy thought stuff since 2005
& of course i will be misunderstood
at least i have the consolation, Kant was misunderstood likewise with his Critique of Pure Reason
so no hard feelings on my part anymore, it's your loss, when you miss the point

more substantial later
as far my body health will let me operate the load

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