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2011 07 03 / B+D / ENLIGHTENMENT
2011 08 14 / D

ENLIGHTENMENT is the realisation of oneness

ENLIGHTENMENT is to feel as a person different to other persons & different to any other life form & existent form
& in the same moment as being everything, being connected to everything, being connected to everyone, being one with everything & everyone

to be able exclusively to discern, distinguish & differentiate between
factual not connected things, matters, beings & persons is a clear sign of absence of enlightement
there are more subtle signs of it, but that's the most prominent

enlightement has SEVERE CONSEQUENCES
it seems traditionally to be HARD TO ACHIEVE & RARE TO OCCURE

advaita is a negative formulation of oneness & means literally un-doubled & un-divided
because it is formulated this way, it describes just the first part of a movement,
the movement away from the sort of reality, which consists of disconnected, distinguished & distinguishable entities

2011 07 05 / B
the hope for not being involved is an irrational trait,
cause to exist means being involved,
there's no escape, everything that is' involved

2011 06 04 / B
just for the record :
i am DONE, i am saved already,
it's about YOU still thinking that there're NO PROBLEMS
& IF, that those are NOT YOURS

2011 04 13 / B
Yo soy yo y mi circunstancia y si no la salvo a ella no me salvo yo.
I am me & my circumstances & by not solving them i don't solve me.

Josť Ortega y Gasset "Meditaciones del Quijote"

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